About Us

Konoba Aquarius opened its doors back in 1988 as the first pizzeria i Buie. It’s a family business whose owners are Karmen and Joseph (Bepo) Voric. Love for istrian traditional cousine Karmen Voric owned from her mother Irene. She maintained the tradition of preparing pizzas in a wood oven but she olso focused on the istrian cousine. She prepares the meals in a way that our grandmothers did. We pay attention to choose only high quality ingredients. For our pizzas and our homemade pasta we use flour from our wheat. It’s a flour witgout additives and conservates. You can try our homemade pasta with istrian souce, wild mushrooms, truffles and asparagus. We olso prepare grilled meat on a stone furance in front of the guest. The second love for us is a viticulture. Love for viticulture Joseph (Bepo) Voric owned from his grandfather Riko. Today we have 6 hectares of vineyards in the area of Buie and Visinada.

Come and feel like a part of family!

Family Voric